DBD12W - Overview

Inspired by the concept of simplicity, DBD12W is designed as light duty carrier for indoor implementation.

It is built to address the most demanding needs for final itinerary of warehouse transportation and application. Fit to be a maverick, DBD12W is the solution to accommodate the freight-handling needs of the busiest warehouses.

Featured with lithium battery, long & light steering handle, rugged body structure and ergonomic finger-tip control, DBD12W is able to meet and even exceed the requirements of busy warehouses. Almost continuous use of the fleet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can be achieved by means of fast and short boost charging.

Integrated control handle, including butterfly thumb travel, control, horn and lifting button, lowering lever

Rotate the butterfly thumb controller, to move forward or reverse

Emergency reverse button on the top

Battery voltage lamp indicators

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