Imperial Matric

Manual Model


Model Name   DBD12W
Load Capacity  

2640 lbs

2640 lbs

Chassis Dimensions Pallet Forks Lowered Height 3" 80 mm
Fork Length


1150/1220 mm

Overall Fork Width



Maximum Lifted Height 4.3" 110 mm
Service Weight 286 lbs 130 kg
Battery Battery Type lithium
Rated Voltage 40V20Ah
Turning Radius  



Overall Length  





Fast and short boost charge, only 3 hours charging is sufficient to achieve full charge.


Powerful and robust energy. 48V 20Ah battery voltage. A fully charged battery can work continuously for 6 hours.


Prepare just two pieces of lithium batteries. One charging, one working, 24/7 without break.

  Innovative Design    

Free of the operative restrictions caused by escaping gases or acid. Food industry, cold store, chemistry, etc. are no more limits.

Cost saving for battery changing device, charging station, battery storage room, downtime, and the cost of ownership.


State-of-the-art lithium technology, completely maintenance-free. Outstanding life expectancy, and environment friendly.


Turn off the key switch to power off the vehicle

Pull out the connecting plug

Take out the battery in vertical direction, and insert it to charging base.

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